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Have You Done Enough to Protect Your Home or Apartment?

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Home security is something that most people take very seriously—and rightly so. After all, the idea of strangers or anyone unwelcome barging into your home at any hour of the day is unsettling, to say the least. However, most people don't realise the vast amount of tools at their disposal when it comes to home security. The first step you should take is to talk to a home security contractor and see if they would advise any specific solutions for your situation, but there are also a few general items that every home should have as part of its defensive network.

1. Glass Break Sensor

Everyone is aware that the most likely point of entry to your home is the front door, so many people will load up on the security features in this area of the house. The issue is that many criminals know this too, and so it is not uncommon for them to simply break one of the many large windows Australian's have all along their facade. Glass break sensors are small, out of the way and provide a valuable service so that if a window is broken, the entire home will know and any security connections you have to the police or a private company will be activated.

2. Alarm

A good, old-fashioned alarm is tough to beat in terms of effectiveness. When combined with glass break sensors, a home alarm ensures that there is virtually no way into the house that is not being continuously monitored. Modern alarms are also very discreet, and often you don't even realise you have them after the initial installation is complete. They blend into the design of almost every house and yet they are very effective should they be triggered, which gives you peace of mind when you sleep or are outside of your home.


Cameras have come a long way since their introduction to security in the middle of the last century, and now you can find cameras that are no bigger than your phone that can record high definition footage with lots of frames, which can capture virtually anything that will come across its field of view. You can also find CCTV systems that detect motion, can use thermal vision to see in the dark and even ones that are accessible by your phone. They also are cheaper now than ever before, so there is no excuse to not have your own CCTV home security system in 2021.

To learn more, contact a home security company.