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Top Reasons to Consider a Self-Closing Security Screen Door

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Selecting security screen doors to beef up the security in your home can be a bit of a problem. The reason is that these doors come in a variety of designs and capabilities. A popular model is the self-closing security screen door. The mechanism of the design allows the screen door to close on its own once opened. While a self-closing security door might not appear to offer much, the benefits cannot be underplayed. Read More»

What to Look for When Buying Security Surveillance Systems

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When buying a security camera for your home, it is essential to establish basics such as the sort of capabilities you want in your system or the type of technology you expect. Once you are sure of your needs, you should research adequately on which kind of camera suits your needs. Security surveillance is a long-term investment, so don’t be in a hurry when shopping for the right camera. Are you planning to install a security surveillance system? Read More»

How to Discreetly Improve Your Residence's Security

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If you go to town with home security, then it can attract unwanted attention. After all, a home security system which is not discreet can make professional criminals think that there is something valuable in your home that is worth stealing. That does not mean, however, that you shouldn’t invest in a good home security system. They can be very helpful in protecting your home and its residents from would-be burglars, after all. Read More»

5 Advantages of Installing a Security System

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We currently live in a world where the rate of crime has increased over the years. People are looking for ways to protect not only themselves but also their employees and loved ones. This is what makes having a security system a necessity. Here are five benefits of installing a security system. Deter Crime This is the most obvious advantage of installing security systems in your home and business. Once you set up a security system, you immediately begin to see the effect it has on everyone who visits your office or home. Read More»

Top 5 Ways to Make Better Use of Your CCTV Cameras

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CCTV cameras have been used to secure homes for many years. They enable real-time surveillance of your property and can be linked to alarms to add an extra layer of safety against intruders. However, many homeowners don’t make optimal use of their CCTV cameras. They may position them in the wrong spots or fail to add advanced features that will keep threats away. Here are 5 useful ideas for making better use of your security cameras. Read More»

Avoiding the Use of Force: 3 Ways in Which Security Guards Deter Intruders

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Many people believe that security guards prevent problems on the premises they are guarding by using physical force. While a guard may use physical force as a last resort, there are also a number of other methods by which a security guard will deter intruders from entering or remaining on a property and causing problems. Read on to find out more. Visibility The first line of defence which a security guard offers is a visual deterrent. Read More»

How Do You Lower the Potential Security Risks When Staging an Event?

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If you want to make sure that any event you are staging, from a private party to a music concert, goes off without any potential security risks occurring, then you will need to take your security measures seriously. Sometimes event organisers fail to do so and merely rely on the goodwill of people who are attending to resolve security issues for themselves. Of course, event security should be outsourced to a professional company unless you are already well-versed in this sort of activity. Read More»