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5 Benefits of Hiring a Security Patrol

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When you think about security for your business, you may think about surveillance cameras or alarm systems. While both are important, another layer of protection can be just as important — a security patrol. Here are five benefits of using a security patrol to protect your business.

1. Increased the safety of employees and customers

Your employees will be safer when a security patrol monitors your business. The presence of the security patrol will act as a deterrent to criminal activity, which can reduce incidents that put your staff in danger. Patrols also help minimise situations where customers become aggressive towards your team or other customers, which can quickly escalate into dangerous situations.

2. Deter crime and vandalism

Businesses are easy targets for burglars and vandals because most businesses do not have any on-site direct security presence, aside from alarm systems requiring contact with local authorities for dispatch. An effective security patrol provides another layer of protection by being present on-site to observe, deter and react to criminal activities while they are happening, rather than simply waiting for the police to attend.

3. Gain some peace of mind knowing that your business is being taken care of

Having a security patrol watching over your business can give you peace of mind because you know an extra layer of protection is in place. Instead of wondering if something will happen at your business and hoping that the local authorities get there quickly enough, you can rest easy knowing that someone is actively patrolling your property.

4. Reduce your insurance premiums

Insurance companies charge less for homes that have an alarm system installed because alarms are proven to deter crime. The same principle applies when utilising a security patrol at your business. Most insurance companies will lower your premium if they know a security presence on-site to actively monitor criminal activity. This could mean financial savings in the long run, so ask about this benefit with your insurer.

5. Minimise liability risks

The risks of being sued by customers who have been victims of theft or other crimes at your business drastically decrease when there is a security presence on-site to respond quickly and prevent these situations from happening in the first place.

To learn more about how a security patrol can benefit your business, contact a local security company that can answer all your questions and explore what options would work best for you.