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Steps You Can Take to Maintain Your Home's Security

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No matter where you live, there’s always a risk of someone trying to gain access to your home. That risk is even higher when you’re not trying to take steps toward making it safer. Here are a few you should consider trying. Light it Up Would-be intruders love to spend their time lurking in dark places. When there isn’t much light around, it’s easier for them to hide. One way to deter an intruder or stop them in their tracks is to introduce more lighting outside your home. Read More»

5 Benefits of Hiring a Security Patrol

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When you think about security for your business, you may think about surveillance cameras or alarm systems. While both are important, another layer of protection can be just as important — a security patrol. Here are five benefits of using a security patrol to protect your business. 1. Increased the safety of employees and customers Your employees will be safer when a security patrol monitors your business. The presence of the security patrol will act as a deterrent to criminal activity, which can reduce incidents that put your staff in danger. Read More»