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Steps You Can Take to Maintain Your Home's Security

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No matter where you live, there's always a risk of someone trying to gain access to your home. That risk is even higher when you're not trying to take steps toward making it safer. Here are a few you should consider trying.

Light it Up

Would-be intruders love to spend their time lurking in dark places. When there isn't much light around, it's easier for them to hide. One way to deter an intruder or stop them in their tracks is to introduce more lighting outside your home. The lighting doesn't need to be too harsh if you don't want it to be. For example, you can try floor-level lighting that's gentle enough to create shadows without appearing too bright. However, if you want to really deter an intruder, it's also worth trying flood lighting that activates if they enter certain spaces.

Reduce Hiding Places

Hiding places benefit intruders in a couple of ways. First, if they're not opportunistic, they can use a hiding place to identify your daily activities. Once they're familiar with your routine, they'll know when is best to enter your property without getting caught. Hiding places are also useful for those who abandon their pursuit mid-break-in or need somewhere to hide from anybody who disrupts them. Having more hiding places makes your property a tempting target. Once you can see a hiding place, try to make it less enticing by blocking it off or lighting it up.

Install CCTV

Installing CCTV can act as a deterrent in itself. An intruder's aim is to enter your property, acquire goods, and get away from the scene of the crime without evidence of their presence. As CCTV provides strong evidence of a person's presence, it's an off-putting factor for intruders. Should they succeed anyway, having CCTV in place increases the chances of them being caught. You may want to consider a CCTV alarm system too. An alarm can disrupt a criminal in the act and force them to flee the scene.

Fake a Presence

Unless you're present at your home throughout the year, you might want to try faking your presence. With the use of smart home devices, you can give the illusion that someone is at home, even when they're not. You could also try traditional means, such as asking a neighbour to enter your house periodically while you're away or hiring a house sitter. With a fake presence, someone who wants to break into your property may not feel as though they're likely to succeed. As a result, they could abandon their efforts altogether. 

For more information about CCTV security systems, contact a local company.