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Avoiding the Use of Force: 3 Ways in Which Security Guards Deter Intruders

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Many people believe that security guards prevent problems on the premises they are guarding by using physical force. While a guard may use physical force as a last resort, there are also a number of other methods by which a security guard will deter intruders from entering or remaining on a property and causing problems. Read on to find out more.


The first line of defence which a security guard offers is a visual deterrent. If an intruder checks out your property and sees that security personnel are conducting regular patrols, they are much less likely to attempt an attack upon the building. This is the reason why security guards should not hide away out of sight waiting for trouble to happen. They should be performing duties in public view so everyone knows they are on duty.

Verbal communication and commands

If a security guard suspects an intruder has gained entry onto the property and may be hiding out of view, they will first use a series of verbal commands. The first verbal warning will identify the speaker as a security guard and will inform the person that they are trespassing on private property. This is important, as it will prevent the intruder from later claiming they were hiding because they were being chased by an unknown person. The guard will then issue a series of commands, asking the person to present themselves with their hands up. The guard may then inform the person that the police have been called. Even if the person does not respond to these request, it may be enough to make them flea the property.

De-escalation techniques

Finally, security personnel should be trained in the use of de-escalation techniques. These will be used when a person has been found trespassing on the property and the situation is reaching a point where violence or damage to property may occur. The purpose of these techniques is to stop the situation reaching a crisis point. For example, a security guard will maintain a level tone when speaking to the suspect and will try to avoid raising their voice. They will change their posture so they are not toe-to-toe with the suspect. By standing at a slight angle to the suspect, they can reduce the level of confrontation.

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