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Top 5 Ways to Make Better Use of Your CCTV Cameras

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CCTV cameras have been used to secure homes for many years. They enable real-time surveillance of your property and can be linked to alarms to add an extra layer of safety against intruders.

However, many homeowners don't make optimal use of their CCTV cameras. They may position them in the wrong spots or fail to add advanced features that will keep threats away.

Here are 5 useful ideas for making better use of your security cameras. 

1. Monitor your front door

Ironically, most intruders who break into homes will simply walk through the front door. This strategy allows them to deceive any passers-by into thinking that they're just regular guests.

You can protect your home against front door break-ins by placing a camera near the entrance. Monitoring who walks up to your front door will help determine how secure your home currently is. 

2. Keep an eye on the backyard

The backyard (or backdoor entrance) still remains one of the most popular entry points for intruders. You should install a camera to monitor as much of your backyard as possible. Consider an installation angle (or a wide lens) that will allow you to view your back entryway and monitor any risks in real-time.

Motion detection is also a useful feature to include in your CCTV camera system, as you'll be able to receive instant notifications of any sudden movements.  

3. Monitor movement of children and pets

When you're away from home, you may wish to monitor your children and pets. Position your CCTV cameras in various rooms such as bedrooms, hallways, the living room and the kitchen.

Replace analogue equipment with smart cameras that stream footage right to your phone. This way, you'll be able to peek at what your kids are doing to ensure that they remain safe. Cameras also come in handy to ensure that pets don't run away (or end up chewing your favourite clothes).

4. Remain aware of an elderly person's safety in the home

If your elderly parent/relative is receiving in-home care, you can make better use of your CCTV cameras to monitor their health and safety. A camera should be installed in their room to ensure that they're comfortable at all times.

5. Secure your home's safe

Also consider positioning your camera near safes, cabinets and wardrobes where you keep expensive items. Link these cameras to alarms that will trigger if someone attempts to gain unauthorised access.

Use these security tips to help give you some added peace of mind when it comes to safety in your home. Contact a local CCTV specialist for more information and advice on how to utilise your equipment today.