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How to Discreetly Improve Your Residence's Security

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If you go to town with home security, then it can attract unwanted attention. After all, a home security system which is not discreet can make professional criminals think that there is something valuable in your home that is worth stealing. That does not mean, however, that you shouldn't invest in a good home security system. They can be very helpful in protecting your home and its residents from would-be burglars, after all. The key is to get the balance right between safeguarding your home and not making it look like a high-security banking establishment, something which definitely would not help. What are some modern home security systems that are on offer these days that afford plenty of protection without attracting undue interest?

Webcam Surveillance

In the past, CCTV cameras tended to be installed in both commercial buildings and homes. Although these are very good at helping you to monitor your home, CCTV cameras tend to be bulky and unsightly, especially when they are installed on their own free-standing poles or wall brackets. On the other hand, modern webcams are smaller, less easy to spot from the street and offer cable-free installation. Modern security webcams can transmit video footage to you via your home's Wi-Fi network, which means you can even see what is going on when you are away from your home via your smartphone or tablet.

Window Alarms

You don't need to put a burglar alarm on the outside of your home to improve security. Given that large numbers of break-ins occur because criminals force windows open to gain entry, simply upgrading the windows' security technology goes a long way to protecting your home. Modern window alarms emit a sound when the window frame is forced open. They are small and can sit behind your curtains, so they are barely noticeable. However, they will put off all but the most determined criminals when they sound an alarm because they immediately draw attention to the problem.

Security Lighting

Motion sensor lighting is a great way of preventing criminals from looking around your property opportunistically. No burglar likes the idea being seen when they are seeking out a convenient entry point. Therefore, fitting security lighting is an affordable way to look after your home whether you are there or not. What's more, many homes have these lights for reasons other than security, which means they won't attract unwanted attention. Opt for lighting products which charge themselves from the sun's rays during the day because these will function even if the power to your home is cut.