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Top Reasons to Consider a Self-Closing Security Screen Door

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Selecting security screen doors to beef up the security in your home can be a bit of a problem. The reason is that these doors come in a variety of designs and capabilities. A popular model is the self-closing security screen door. The mechanism of the design allows the screen door to close on its own once opened. While a self-closing security door might not appear to offer much, the benefits cannot be underplayed. This article looks at the different ways that a self-closing security screen door beats other door designs. 

Eliminates Constant Door Inspection 

The primary reason why homeowners install security screen doors is to add another layer of security to their front or back doors. It allows homeowners to leave the main entrance open without compromising on privacy or security. Notably, you must pull back a conventional security door and make sure it is shut for guaranteed protection. However, what would happen if the door gets stuck behind you? The door will remain ajar and grant anyone easy access to the home. Nonetheless, a self-closing security door eliminates the trouble of having to make sure that you pull the door behind you. Therefore, you do not have to worry about continually confirming whether the screen door is securely shut.

Free-Hand Operation

As mentioned earlier, ordinary security doors must be pulled back to close. The constant turning around might be a nuisance to most people, and it is no wonder that some individuals forget — albeit once in a while — to shut the screen. It is especially the case when both hands are full because you are forced to put down whatever you are carrying to close the screen. However, a self-closing security screen door eliminates the need to use your hands to close the door. Therefore, you do not have to worry about putting down whatever you are carrying into or out of the house. 

Eliminates Close Supervision 

If you have children in the house, then standard security doors can be a real problem. Kids do not know that they are supposed to keep the security door shut at all times unless they are reminded. It is even more challenging if the children are left alone in the home. Therefore, most parents have to supervise their children closely to make sure that they keep the doors closed. With a self-closing door, however, such level of supervision is unnecessary. You are assured that whenever the children open the security door, it will automatically close.