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How To Choose Security Guards For Hire

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Security guards are the best way to improve your home and business security. Most people will experience difficulties when hiring security guards. This extract discusses the various considerations you should make when hiring security guards

Assess your needs and expectations to know what kind of security guards you should hire. Determine the following: 

  • What do you need to protect? Other than your business premises, you may need guards to protect your warehouses or top management.
  • How many security guards do you need? You will require more guards if you have an expansive complex or if you need 24-hour services.
  • When do you need the guards? Some businesses may need temporary security guard services when they have an event, when transporting cash or when they anticipate a lot of customers on the premises.
  • How much are you willing to spend? You will pay more to hire highly skilled guards. 

Your next task is to look for a reputable company providing security guard services. When vetting the companies, evaluate the experiences of previous customers. Besides, check the terms and conditions of the company. For example, how do they calculate the costs? For long term hire, consider companies that have a standard weekly or monthly charge. What liabilities does the company accept? Some companies will offer compensation if you incur losses due to the negligence of their guards. You should also evaluate the company's dispute resolution process. Preferably, work with companies that have a 24/7 customer support centre. 

Inquire about the training of the security guards. For instance, if you need VIP protection, you need guards that can handle combat situations. Businesses in the service sector require guards with customer service training. On the other hand, security guards in banks and other financial institutions should have guns. They also need some training in criminology. It enables them to identify and neutralise threats without harming customers. Some security guards provide first aid training. It enables them to offer first aid to people injured at your workplace. The security guards should also be trained to manipulate and maintain security systems such as CCTV, fire alarms and restricted access systems. 

The security guard company should conduct thorough background checks on the security guards. It ensures the guards observe a high degree of discipline. Former police and military officers can provide high-quality services.

When choosing security guards for hire, evaluate your business needs, consider reputable companies and check the training of the guards. Remember to negotiate the hiring costs and the terms of hire.