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Reasons to Use Wrought Iron for Your Security Screen Doors

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When looking for a way to immediately improve the security of your home, you likely are deliberating on security doors. These structures not only help with keeping intruders put, but they can also help with protecting your main entryway from undue damage from the elements. Nonetheless, since steel has been the popular material for these doors, most people assume that installing them will take away from the kerb appeal of their residence, as the steel variety have an uncanny way of making the property look like a fortress.

However, this does not have to be the case. Over the years, more and more homeowners have discovered the benefits of employing wrought iron as their choice material. Certainly, this material has typically been associated with fences and gates but not anymore. Check out the following reasons to look no further than wrought iron for your security screen doors.

1. Wrought iron security doors will reduce your energy costs

When selecting security doors, your initial instinct may be basing your decision solely on strength. Nonetheless, this is not the only factor that should come into play. Granted, wrought iron is inherently robust and this is what makes it perfectly suited for fencing applications. But one surprising advantage that these doors offer is in helping with managing your overall energy costs. This is particularly vital during the sweltering heat of the summer.

The intricate design of wrought iron doors allows for spaces that facilitate improved airflow once the temperatures rise. Thus, instead of having to rely solely on your air conditioning, you could simply leave your front door open and not have to worry about the security of your home being compromised. The better the ventilation in your home, the more comfortable your interiors are and the less money you have to spend on your electric bills.

2. Wrought iron security doors upgrade your kerb appeal

Speaking of intricate design, when compared to steel doors, wrought iron is the best option when looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. As mentioned earlier, steel doors can make your home seem like a penitentiary, which can be quite unwelcoming. You do not have to contend with this use with wrought iron since these doors can be customised into a multitude of designs, making it easy for you to ensure coherence with your pre-existing aesthetic.

From monograms to spirals, leaves to vines, the choice is ultimately yours. Furthermore, these security doors are available in a range of colours too. The advent of powder coating means you can customise the hue of the wrought iron to match your cladding, roofing, gates or any accents of your choosing.