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Avoiding the Use of Force: 3 Ways in Which Security Guards Deter Intruders

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Many people believe that security guards prevent problems on the premises they are guarding by using physical force. While a guard may use physical force as a last resort, there are also a number of other methods by which a security guard will deter intruders from entering or remaining on a property and causing problems. Read on to find out more. Visibility The first line of defence which a security guard offers is a visual deterrent. Read More»

How Do You Lower the Potential Security Risks When Staging an Event?

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If you want to make sure that any event you are staging, from a private party to a music concert, goes off without any potential security risks occurring, then you will need to take your security measures seriously. Sometimes event organisers fail to do so and merely rely on the goodwill of people who are attending to resolve security issues for themselves. Of course, event security should be outsourced to a professional company unless you are already well-versed in this sort of activity. Read More»